The Choir
We are a community choir, so anyone can come and sing if they wish!

We like to sing because it makes us feel happy, and brushes away some of the concerns of the day. It keeps the brain active and challenged.

We meet most Monday evenings at Lawn Farm, 7:15pm for a 7:30 start. We sing for 2 hours with a 15 minute break half way through.

The Willow Trust
Singing is always uplifting and members of LVCC always welcoming. Dragging myself away from the fire/tv on cold Monday evenings takes a little effort – but I return home cheerful and energised! The LVCC produces two major concerts a year, in the summer and at Christmas, which take place in a variety of local village halls, we divide into smaller groups to sing at different venues, and have enjoyed supporting local care homes, church, and village events. The choir sang at Maisemore Church as part of the Maisemore Festival in 2018, and for Richard and Hazel’s birthday party. Hartpury School raised £478 from our combined concert in March, which went a long way to funding their participation in the Young Voices programme. In our last financial year we were pleased to be able to donate £300 to charities, including Macmillan, Winston’s Wish and the John Hopkins Trust. This year’s accounts will show we have already exceeded this amount with donations to the Willow Trust and Family Haven. The choir has about 40 members and we sing all parts from bass to soprano. Our aims include promoting enjoyment of learning to sing as a group and encouraging others to take part, as well as entertaining the community with organised concerts and small groups. At the start of term all the new music can feel a bit overwhelming and we think there’s little chance of learning it in time for a concert, but Eric - our talented and patient Musical Director - cajoles, instructs and stretches us to achieve satisfying results. Assisted by Esme and Ian, accomplished accompanists, there is a moment (most evenings) when we all ’come in’ together on Eric’s beat – it’s worth it to see the look of amazed delight on his face! Our summer concert will be at Corse and Staunton Village Hall on 8 June. The theme is musicals and it will be hard for the audience to resist singing along. If you’re at all interested in joining, do come and give the choir a free trial, you’ll be very welcome. There are no nerve wracking auditions, you sing where you feel comfortable and soon gain in confidence – in fact this week I almost volunteered to sing a solo …!
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